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This website has been created to provide a safe, spiritual haven for those seeking understanding, recovery, and purpose.   Life is full of experiences.  We each have a reason for our existence that stretches far beyond the surface of our day to day lives.  Momentary distractions can keep us from discovering the specific destiny that we have been born to live.  Unlock your soul by allowing your life story to be revealed.  Be encouraged to do this as you read various articles inspired by scripture, listen to spiritual healing music, and discover other resources for healing and growth.  It is our prayer that the truth will set you free!

Spiritual Healing Music Articles

  1. Spiritual Healing in the Desert - Understand how trials and triumphs shape your soul's identity, enabling you to see your God designed purpose.  Overcome doubt and weariness during struggles by trusting in God, who has a greater awareness than your own, and who will lead you to your destiny as you travel your path in life.

  2. God, the Original Physician - Turn to God for His loving understanding, strength and guidance in order to be healed from trauma and depression.   Too often we give in to prescription drugs and self-medicating alternatives for relief from mental/emotional pain instead of getting help from God through His word and prayer.

  3. Don't Let Worry Ruin You - Learn to control your mind and train yourself not to worry, but rather pray and trust in God who is the author of life.  God, being all knowing and all powerful, can lead you out of an agonizing existence where you, instead, rely on His loving protection.  Trade in your fear for comfort in the One who already perceives the future and can save you by turning to Him.

  4. Empowerment Through Assertiveness - Discover the importance and even life-saving qualities of an assertive personality.  Don't be tossed about by the aggressive nature of another in an effort to be kind or as a result of past abuse that has hushed you for so long that you forgot how to speak up for yourself and protect your well-being.

  5. The Will to Forgive -  Decide to forgive in order to be forgiven.  God made us to have relationships and through His Son we can learn how to love Him, people, and even ourselves.  Maintain your relationship with God by following the two greatest commandments which will enable you to have successful relationships in life and take good care of yourself as well.

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